Plan, manage, grow! Leave the accounting to us.

We offer comprehensive accounting, human resource and legal services for small and medium-sized enterprises.

We also provide services for companies intending to début on the market. We adapt their financial

policies to the applicable laws and accounting standards.

Plan, manage, grow! Leave the accounting to us.

We offer comprehensive accounting, human resource and legal services for small and medium-sized enterprises.

We also provide services for companies intending to début on the market. We adapt their financial

policies to the applicable laws and accounting standards.

Plan, manage, grow! Leave the accounting to us.

We offer comprehensive accounting, human resource and legal services for small and medium-sized enterprises.

We also provide services for companies intending to début on the market. We adapt their financial

policies to the applicable laws and accounting standards.


We continue to develop the experience and knowledge we have gained so far. One of our new specializations at Centrum Księgowe Spółek Kapitałowych (CKSK) is running limited joint-stock partnerships, commonly referred to as “tax havens”, which require a high level of knowledge and a strong legal and tax background. The combination of an experienced team and capital market specialists ensures that the required tasks are carried out in accordance with the letter of the law and current accounting standards.


At CKSK we provide our clients with ongoing support based on the use of modern tools in the field of financial and accounting services. We specialize in the staff, accounting and the legal management of public companies and other companies that plan to début on one of the Stock Exchange markets in the future, in order to achieve the most cost-effective method of further development.


We use innovative IT solutions and automate many processes, both office-side and client-side. This means that our clients pay less and benefit from better services. Our modern online platform is fully integrated into our accounting systems and those of the client. The automation of accounting processes helps us to reduce document entry time, eliminate errors, prepare balance sheet and company management reports, as well as to perform analyses that meet the day-to day needs of our clients. Clients who select CKSK achieve permanent access to our online platform, allowing them to quickly and easily verify the accounting stage of all provided documents. All financial activities are carried out under our full control.


At CKSK we maintain the accounts for several companies on the Stock Exchange and the NewConnect market. The financial statements and balance sheets of these companies are published in the ESPI and EIB stock exchange reports, as well as being reviewed and evaluated by company managements, investors, stock exchange analysts and the Financial Supervisory Commission. It is those clients who particularly appreciate our experience, professionalism, business expertise, comprehensive problem solving skills and strong involvement in all relevant matters of the company. This all translates into high quality service provision. Our main objective at CKSK is to offer high quality accounting services, provided by a qualified accounting team with long experience. We strive to maintain your satisfaction with the high standard of services that we provide. To this end, we assign a personal CKSK advisor to ensure your satisfaction and our harmonious support. We operate on the basis of a licence issued by the Minister of Finance for the provision of accounting services. We have an insurance policy for the sum of PLN 1 000 000.

CKSK accounting and tax office

Wrocław – Dortmund – Минск – Lugano

History of CKSK


We began in 2005 as an internal accounting division of the Capital Group of Dom Maklerski WDM SA. Today we operate as a commercial law company and offer a wide range of services for small, medium and large enterprises.

Based on our many years of experience, we work with such entities as private equity funds and authorised advisers. These funds provide financial assistance to both stable companies and start-ups, while our authorised advisers can help a company go public in order to raise capital for growth.

The customers of Centrum Księgowe Spółek Kapitałowych (CKSK) mainly include companies listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange and the NewConnect market.


CKSK is a specialised company providing accounting, HR and legal services for all enterprises.


Our accounting office in Wrocław provides bookkeeping services mainly for small and medium companies operating in manufacturing, IT sales and a number of other industries.


We support the growth of companies planning to go public, guiding their financial policies in line with the applicable laws and accounting standards.

Wrocław accounting office


CKSK’s expertise also covers accounting. At CKSK we provide our services mainly in the Wrocław area, but our Accounting Office delivers more than traditional accounting, with our online services allowing us to cover your needs remotely. If you value personal contact with an accountant, we have the option of delivering all necessary documents to the accounting office in person, or by courier service. At the same time, our accounting office also accepts documents in the form of scanned copies and through the online platform.

All necessary consultations with our accounting office take place through the CKSK platform and by telephone, with the platform also providing constant access to the necessary financial data to make it easier for you to manage your expenditures.


The business focus of CKSK is comprehensive accounting, HR and legal services for companies and business organisations, with particular emphasis on commercial law companies. Partnerships limited by stocks form the largest group of CKSK customers. We provide our accounting services in compliance with the applicable laws: the Accounting Act of 29 September 1994, the Corporate Income Tax Act of 15 February 1992 and the Goods and Services Tax Act of 11 March 2004, as amended from time to time, as well as other legal acts that apply to the preparation of tax returns for businesses (PIT-11, PIT 40, PIT 8R, PIT 8AR).

Contemporary business accounting: on site or online?


To meet your expectations, we offer two models of cooperation. The first model involves contacting our accountant in person and visiting our accounting office in Wrocław. You do not need to deliver your documents in person; just send them by courier or by scanned copies through our online platform (after logging in).
The second option will suit you if you wish to reduce the service cost. Under this model, you can forward any scanned documents to the accounting office, and consult our experts by phone or through our online platform. Our online panel gives you access to your reports, financial data and tax information.
The online accounting platform is ideal for finance directors, CEOs, management board members or authorised employees who need full access to their company’s financial data around the clock, from anywhere in the world.

Accounting for joint stock companies – support at every stage

We support you with efficient management, evaluating the company’s economic situation and performing standard and custom analyses for the management board. We control the liquidity of a business, the achievement of its financial goals and employee expenditures, implement early warning methods for potential threats to business operations or liquidity, optimise the costs of doing business and verify whether payments under civil law contracts are correct. In addition, we monitor the sales margin.
We perform HR and payroll audits, verifying documentation for you. The audit covers, among other things, internal regulations and implementation rules, working time records and employee files. We analyse documents for civil law contracts and their applicability, correctness of payments under civil law contracts as well as the methodology for calculating and granting holiday, maternity and parental leaves. In addition, we verify the correctness of the calculated remuneration or benefits from sickness insurance, and carefully analyse the collected documentation for the purposes of such payments or other components of employee remuneration.
The verification process includes monitoring the registration forms sent to the Social Insurance Institution, their corrections and changes, as well as checking and correcting the settlement documentation. At your request, we can also perform other procedures.
We provide support in resolving legal issues related to the company’s operations, offer labour law consulting services, prepare work rules, payment rules and managerial contracts, and help recover debt (including sending payment demands on your behalf).

Simplified and full accounting for companies

As part of our services, we offer simplified accounting of revenues and expenses. Our services include maintaining records of fixed assets and equipment, maintaining and storing documentation and tax records. With CKSK you have the option to be represented during tax audits and visits to the tax office. We prepare the annual PIT-16A and PIT-28 tax returns for companies, calculate income tax advances, verify correctness of payments made to the tax office, and offer assistance to organisations whose revenues in 2019 exceeded PLN 8,746,800.
In the case of these organisations, as of 1 January 2020 they are required to apply full accounting (if they used simplified accounting before). Our partners gain remote access to a financial and accounting programme, enabling them to monitor settlements on an ongoing basis, using a dedicated online platform.
Our responsibilities include preparing financial statements in accordance with the Accounting Act and the International Accounting Standards. We prepare them on a monthly, quarterly and annual basis. This type of analysis is necessary when making financial decisions. We also prepare declarations, tax returns (CIT, PIT, VAT) and statements for the National Bank of Poland (NBP) and Statistics Poland (GUS). When analysing your financial statements, we work closely with the statutory auditor.
As with simplified accounting, full accounting includes representing you before different institutions. The scope of actions must be specified in the power of attorney, and it may involve participating in audits or providing clarification on a regular basis. We also provide accounting support and supervision of the chief accountant over the economic activity. We prepare transfers for tax liabilities, prepare the chart of accounts and accounting policy, and maintain records of all economic operations, movements in cash, inventory and fixed assets.

Managing employee files

In addition to HR services, we offer comprehensive payroll services, such as preparing settlement declarations and personal reports according to the applicable laws, and forwarding them to the Social Insurance Institution in an electronic form. We prepare information for employees (ZUS RMUA form) and payrolls: for members of the Supervisory Board, mileage compensation limits and payrolls based on all remuneration components in your organisation.
The wide range of services offered by CKSK include the calculation and maintenance of payment records and the calculation of the personal income tax. We calculate the due amount of insurance contributions (disability and old age pensions, health, sickness and accident insurance, and insurance from the Labour Fund or the Guaranteed Employee Benefits Fund).
We maintain benefit cards and settle the remuneration of employees delegated abroad, as long as they are subject to the Polish labour and social insurance laws, and establish the amount of financial considerations on account of the termination of an employment relationship. This applies to such issues as compensation for a reduced notice period, severance payments and unused holiday leaves. We establish whether employees are entitled to sick pay as well as sickness, accident, maternity or care allowances. If such benefits are due, we calculate their amount according to the applicable laws.

Accounting for joint stock companies – presence on the stock exchange

We offer an attractive package for capital companies planning to début on the Warsaw Stock Exchange and NewConnect. What distinguishes us is our extensive experience in providing comprehensive accounting services to such companies. We provide very attractive conditions related to our accounting services, through the preparation for the cooperation procedure with both the Authorised Adviser and the Brokerage House, before and after the company’s début on the stock exchange.
In this way you company can strengthen its financial security through recapitalisation via a private equity fund. All costs can also be covered from EU funds, generating significant savings for your company (accounting and obtaining the most cost-effective funding for further development for free).
We encourage you to learn more about what we offer, and contact us at CKSK.

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